The Sylvan Woods of Lake Nemi

Coming soon! Lita has been prolific with writing four new books during the pandemic. The first new novel, The Sylvan Woods of Lake Nemi, will be released in early October 2021. From the back cover: Elena Morandi must complete needed field work in order to finish her dissertation in anthropology. Her topic: how the ancient cult of Diana and its practices influenced the social structure of the Roman people… Read more

New: 5-Stars for The Blythewood Curse

There’s a new 5-Star review on Amazon of The Blythewood Curse! “Set among the historical and fascinating 1890s England’s North York Moors, The Blythewood Curse takes the reader on a magical and mythical journey through old churches, ancient religions, mystical woods and forests, and a small town with big secrets. “ Read more

5-Star Review for The Blythewood Curse

There’s a new 5-Star review of The Blythewood Curse just up on Goodreads! Reader Diane Lucero writes: “I applaud the author’s ability to create a believable backdrop for The Blythewood Curse to unfold. The detailed description of homes and surrounding lands of 1890 North York Moors were written in a way that takes you right there with the moist earth under your feet…” Read more

Just Published! The Blythewood Curse

In 1890, Amelia and her brother William are informed that their estranged father has died, and they have inherited his home in England’s North York Moors. William escorts Amelia and her son Rowland from London to the house, only to find many unanswered questions. The townspeople know what happened ten years ago, but only a few of those, who did ritual within the stone circle, know about the curse and its devastating effects… Read more

Hiding In Paradise Review: A Surprise Treat

“Surprise Treat” – Review by Denise M. – “First off, I love a leading lady. I’ve read enough books with Prince Charmings in them so it’s always a joy to see a lady leading the way. After just a short lesson she was able to use just her brain to survive.” Read more

New 5-Star Review for Sticks and Balls

“A Word Nerd’s (wet?) dream come true.” – Review by John George – This is a very “thick” book, and that’s a good thing. It discusses the overlap between sports & sexuality, from the standpoint of the double entendre of sports terminology. It is very exhaustive, both for the sports covered, and of course the terminology peculiar to each sport. Read more

A Poem in Three Parts: California

“In September my husband Vere and I rented an RV and took a two-week trip around California. We went up the backside of the Sierras, crossed over and then came down the California coast. There were some places where the summer fires still burned, the smoke turned the sky dark, and some roads were closed due to the fires. Despite that, it was a good trip…” Read more