Pearl and Garridan: A Roma Love Story

Coming soon! To be released summer 2022

Two stories of a romantic fantasy come together in one book about Roma Travelers set in 1871. The first story tells of a romance between a young girl named Pearl who travels in a vardo wagon with her family, and her lover Garridan who lives in the ancient and haunted Hoia Baciu Forest of Romania. They become trapped in that forest together by a mysterious overlord named Spiridon and his overseer Varujan. Pearl and Garridan must bargain their way out, but cannot do it without the help of Pearl’s family and a precise number of local townspeople.

The second story begins after they have escaped, and tells of Garridan’s exceptional talents as a wood carver who brings new life into a Romanian Village. Unbeknownst to him, he has come under the spell of four ancient spirits that imbue and enchant their magic into four walking sticks that he carves. Each stick can both aid the one who needs it, and harm the ones who don’t. It is a heart-warming story about Romanian culture, a secret Pearl’s family carries that can dispel the spirits, and how the town rewards them.

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