About Lita

Lita-Luise Chappell has led a diversified life. Her degrees are varied, with an Associate in Science in Food Service Management, a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Health Education, a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, along with half a dozen certifications. Her six careers have been as: a chef and caterer, an electronics assembler, an operations manager for a New Age music label, an operations manager for an indie publishing company, a sexual Health Consultant and Clinical Sexologist, and now as a writer. Curious about the world from a young age, she has studied European history and many ancient civilizations, practiced half a dozen magical traditions, and traveled to thirty-eight countries. Through it all, she has written as she went along, commenting on culture, politics, religion, sexuality, and magic. All of which have given her a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience from which to write her poetry, short stories, mysteries, spy novels, a stage play, music lyrics, cookbooks, investigative and psychological articles, reviews and travelogues. She’s been on pod-casts, and makes personal appearances for book signings. A variety of her works are published in journals, magazines, online and in print.

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