Reviews By Lita

A good writer works at becoming more aware of their environment, in what they see, what they hear, and what they feel. They are compelled to write down those thoughts and impressions, which may take several forms. They may just become a simple notation or a diary entry, or artistically rendered poetically, or even expanded upon as an investigative article. Reviewers take a further step and become analytical and critical. A good review is balanced, providing important and essential information for the reader with interesting details, pointing out the highlights as well as any faults. Reading reviews of others helps one make better decisions about visiting a place, using a business, or attending an event. A review may help others to better understand a place and what it offers. Reviews help better prepare others before they buy a product or use a service. A review also allows a stranger to take advantage of someone else’s experience and expertise. A good review keeps businesses more honest and also rewards them for a good product or service. And if nothing else, a review may help emotionally set the tone linking a universal sense of belonging.

The following are sample reviews that I have written through the years, mostly from my travels in visiting many sights, hotels, restaurants, film, and music. As a chef, when I went to different countries, it was rewarding to those at home to hear what I ate and what I thought about the food. Many friends have asked us about the hotels and B&Bs we have chosen. And many hotel and restaurant owners have written me back expressing their thanks. I’ve also written a few reviews that were not very complimentary, as I felt it was equally important to warn people as to their inferior standards, poor service, or unacceptable level of operation. The greater majority of reviews that I have written were not only note-worthy, but excelled in either beauty of setting, exquisite service, or exceptional quality. The majority of my reviews have been published on Trip Advisor, where I have earned 35 badges and have over 45,000 readers. You can find all reviews with them under my nom de plume of Lutea.

Reviews By Lita: