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More Books Coming Soon by Lita-Luise Chappell

The Blythewood Curse
Here is an occult mystery about Celtic Druids and witchcraft in northern England in 1890. A young boy, Rowland, has recently moved to the North York Moors. His mother Amelia, enrolls him in the local primary and they meet his teacher Beth and her daughter Tess, who befriend the boy. Tess seems to have a magical way with animals, and Rowland wants that same power. Beth decides to teach him, but she has an ulterior motive in mind. Behind the proper and respectable school teacher front, is a mysterious woman of Celtic Druid tradition, whose family has led a working grove of practitioners in the nearby ancient woods for generations. But Beth and Tess and their ancestors have been cursed, and they believe that Rowland might be their way toward becoming free from it. Only the curse is not what they think it is. When Rowland discovers that he is to be the instrument of Beth’s will, he doesn’t want the power the lessons bring. Only then, does he realize that the power he already has is greater than any magic she could teach him. Expected release in July, 2020.

The Town with the Feather Crest
– This is the first children’s book that Lita will be releasing. Built on a long poem that was in her first poetry book. Expected release in November, 2020.

Merry & Scary Fairy Tales
– A short-story collection for child and parent
Half of these stories are merry, then turn the book upside down, and the other half are scary, giving parent and child the choice of what will be read. Coming out in early 2021.