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More Books Coming Soon by Lita-Luise Chappell

Hiding in Paradise
– A spy novel
The daughter of a Croatian diplomat discovers two critical secrets. One is inside information on the operations of the Croatian Mafia, and the other is information about how a terrorist organization is planning to overthrow the Croatian Government. Agents from both organizations pursue her to get that information back, at all costs. While on the run, her lover who works for an international police task force, is trying to find her before the killers do. It is a race across Croatia, Spain, Italy, and the U.S., but she was trained by one of the best, and manages to stay ahead of them all, by hiding in Mexico in a jungle paradise.

The Blythwood Curse
– An occult mystery
The Blythwood Curse is an occult mystery about witches in northern England in 1890. A young boy, enticed by magic, takes on the lessons of a witch within the depths of an ancient forest. But the power he seeks is not what he is being taught, and when he finds out what the curse is, he doesn’t want the power it brings. Only then, does he realize that the power he already has is greater than any magic.

Merry & Scary Fairy Tales
– A short-story collection for child and parent
Half of these stories are merry, then turn the book upside down, and the other half are scary, giving parent and child the choice of what will be read.