The Rose of Rhodes

The Rose of Rhodes
Book Four of The Inspector Reynard Series

Detective Lucien Reynard is sent by UNESCO’s Paris office to investigate an archaeological theft on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Lucien’s father Gervais, his wife Chante, and their daughter Melodia settle in to a B&B in the Old City. They hire a private tour guide to take the family sightseeing, while Lucien sets to work. He questions the entire team of archaeologists and guards, but no one seems to know anything. The family is threatened, and a man who could have been a lead to the theft is murdered, which only increases the number of suspicious characters. Of all the people they have met and questioned, who can they trust? Together with Rhodes’ Inspector of police, Chante and Gervais’ excellent research skills and Lucien’s impeccable sleuthing, they draw nearer to solving the crime.

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Published 2023 by Templar Media | 290 pages | ISBN-13: 979-8986984810


By late July of 2022, the pandemic seemed to have waned, and Lucien was aching to get back to work. That’s when he got a call from Monsieur Teniet, from UNESCO’s Paris office, asking if he was ready and willing to take on a new assignment. Teniet had previously directed him to work on Cyprus, and his accomplishment brought him recognition within the department of that venerable organization. Now there was a problem on Rhodes. An archaeologist working on a large dig site had unearthed many revealing artifacts, only to have some of them stolen. Lucien’s assignment was to investigate the theft; find out why those items were stolen, who stole them, and if at all possible, have them returned. So, the Reynard family decided to accept the opportunity and take the time to finally get away together, this time taking Melodia with them, for her first grand adventure.

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