Psychology and Therapy Background Information and Writings


University for Humanistic Studies
Solano Beach, CA
B.A./M.A. in Psychology with emphasis in Health Education
Graduated June 1989

Tools For Life Program for Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner Intensive
San Diego, CA / Certified January 1996

School For Healing Arts
Pacific Beach, CA
Certified Mind-Body Hypnotherapist – June 1996

Certificate for Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training:
Clergy Professional Model – October 2004

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
SAR Program (Sexual Attitude Restructuring – Program XLIV) – July 2004
Certified in Advanced Human Sexuality – October 2005
Certified Sex Educator – September 2006
Certified Clinical Sexologist – February 2007
Certified Erotologist – March 2007
Doctorate in Human Sexuality – February 2008


The Balance Within – Business Owner
Private Practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner
In Pacific Beach, CA – Operated from June 1996 – June 1998

Thelema Media LLC- Operations Manager
A multi-media publishing house specializing in works of Magick, Psychology, Personal Freedoms and religious-sexual mysteries
March 2003 – December 2012

Sexual Health Consultant and Clinical Sexologist – Business owner
4000 Barranca Parkway, Suite 250, Irvine, CA
November 2008 – December 2014
Continued practice for one more year in private setting

Past and Present Membership in Associations & Guilds

Board of Directors for the Erotic Heritage Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada
The Western Region of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
American College of Sexologists
American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
International Psychology Guild of O.T.O.
Served on Board of Review for almost twenty years
Presenter on a Pastoral Counseling team for eight years

Various Essays and Articles

Journal Articles in print and online:
Author in Psychology Guild Journal, Neshamah
The Ship: An Alchemical Story – A Mystery Play Revealed – August 2003
Important Dimensions of Basic Counseling Interactions – March 2008
Franz Bardon and the Elemental Aspect of Character – Fall 2010
What Are Women Actually Thinking – 2014

Expository Essays – all from 2006:
Early 1800 Infant Exposure in European Foundling Homes
Victorian Moralistic Practices toward Masturbation
Late Victorian Childrearing Developments
Freudian States of Psychosexual Developmental on Western Culture
Freud’s Oedipus Complex in the Modern World
Child-Rearing Practices of the Early 21st Century
Haroian Stance on Childhood Development and Sexuality
Haroian Philosophy on Children Observing Parental Sexual Activity
Haroian Aspects of Childhood Bodily Pleasures
“Inwardizing” and the Development of Young Children
The Physiological Changes of Young Children
Sexual Development Beginning at Age Eight
When a Child Exhibits Non-Normative Behavior
Growth Trends of Ten and Eleven Year-Olds
The Importance of Imagery at Thirteen Years of Age
Haroian Perspectives on Young Adults and Their Knowledge of Sex
The Characterization and Evaluation of the work of Iwan Bloch & Wilhelm Reich
Summarization of the History of the Fight Against Masturbation in Europe
and America

Commentary Articles on Writers of Sexuality – 2006 & 2007:
Herald Lief’s – “Boundary Crossings: Sexual Misconduct of Clergy”
David Blass and Peter Fagan’s – “Treatment of Orthodox Jewish Patients in Sex Therapy”
Vern Bullough’s – “Religion, Sex, and Science: Some Historical Quandaries”
Joan Timmerman’s – “When Religion is its Own Worst Enemy: How Therapists
Can Help People Shed Hurtful Notions That Masquerade as Good Theology”
Julian Slowinski’s – “Therapeutic Dilemmas: Solving Sexual Difficulties in the Context of Religion”
Frobert Francoeur’s – “Challenging Collective Religious/Social Beliefs About Sex, Marriage, and Family”
Sharon Rostosky, Mark Renerus, Margaret Laurie, and Comer Wright’s – “Coital
Debut: The Role of Religiosity and Sex Attitudes in the Add Health Survey”
Sarah Conklin’s – “Seminary Sexuality Education Survey: Current Efforts,
Perceived Need and Readiness in Accredited Christian Institutions”

Book Reviews, all from 2007:
Edward Brecher’s – The Sex Researchers
John Heidenry’s – What Wild Ecstasy – The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution
William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian’s – Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction – A Bio-Psycho-Social Approach
Kinsey, Pomeroy, Gebhard, and Martin’s – Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Female

Book Summaries – all from 2007:
C.J. Scheiner’s – The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, Vol. I & II
Raymond L. McIlvenna’s – The Pleasure Quest – The Search for Aphrodisiacs
Bradley Smith’s – The Erotic Art of the Masters of the 18th, 19th, & 20th Centuries
Jean Stengers and Anne Van Neck’s – Masturbation: The History of a Great Terror
Mariana Valverde’s – Sex, Power & Pleasure
Helen Singer Kaplan’s – The Illustrated Manual of Sex Therapy
Thomas Moore’s – The Soul of Sex – Cultivating Life as an Act of Love
Morton Hunt’s – Sexual Behavior in the 1970’s
Joani Blank’s – I Am My Lover – Women Pleasure Themselves
Ted McIlvenna and Laird Sutton’s – Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality
Ted McIlvenna and Roe Gallo’s – Sexual Strategies for Pleasure and Safety
William Masters and Virginia Johnson’s – Human Sexual Inadequacy
Leonard Shlain’s – Sex, Time and Power – How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution
Shere Hite’s – The Hite Report – A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality
Michel Foucault’s – The History of Sexuality – Volume 1: An Introduction
Uta Ranke-Heinemann’s – Eunuchs For The Kingdom Of Heaven ~ Women, Sexuality, And The Catholic Church
John Money’s – Lovemaps ~ Clinical Concepts of Sexual/Erotic Health and
Pathology, Paraphilia, and Gender Transposition in Childhood, Adolescence, and Maturity
Camille Paglia’s – Sexual Personae ~ Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson
Stefan Bechtel and Laurence Stains’ – Sex ~ A Man’s Guide
Paolo Mantegazza’s – The Sexual Relations of Mankind
Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy’s – Sex the Measure of All Things
Havelock Ellis’ – Female Auto-Erotic Practices
Marcia Pally’s – Sex & Sensibility – Reflections On Forbidden Mirrors And The Will To Censor
Ralph Ginzburg’s – An Unhurried View of Erotica
Vern Bullough’s – Sexual Variance In Society And History
Margo Anand’s – The Art of Sexual Magic
Freddy Stark’s – Gray’s Anatomy – A Fact-Filled Coloring Book
Richard McCormick’s – Gender And Sexuality in Weimar Modernity ~Film,
Literature, And “New Objectivity”
Lynn Chancer’s – Sadomasochism In Everyday Life: The Dynamics of Power and Powerlessness
Donald Kraig’s – Modern Sex Magick – Secrets of Erotic Spirituality
Carol Groneman’s – Nymphomania – A History
Nena and George O’Neills’ – Open Marriage – A new Life Style for Couples
Richard McAnulty and Michelle Burnette’s – Exploring Human Sexuality – Making Healthy Decisions
Richard Payne Knight and Thomas Write’s – Sexual Symbolism- A History of Phallic Worship
Toni Weschler’s – Taking Charge of Your Fertility – The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, and Pregnancy Achievement
Nils Johan Ringdal’s – Love for Sale – A World History of Prostitution

Expository Articles – All from 2008:
“The Difference Between a Gynecological and a Sexological Examination”
“Different Forms or Lifestyles of Sexual Relationship”
“The Sex Flush and What Causes It”
“Conceptualizations of Bisexuality”
“Loss of Sexual Desire”
“Supporting the Collection of Erotic Art”
“The Behavioral Patterns of Sadism and Masochism”
“The Work of Robert L. Dickinson – An Early Social Scientist”
“The Pros and Cons with Repealing All Sex Laws”
“A Comparison of Attitudes Toward Prostitution in Greek & Roman Antiquity,
Medieval Europe, and 19th Century America”

Scientific Study:
“Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors Among Students and Faculty of Two Holistic
Body-Work Schools” – 2007