Phantom Warning

My friend is having a party and putting together a display for Halloween. It will be a dummy holding its head and reciting a threat to their attending guests. He asked me to write something up to be recorded, which the head will appear to speak. This resulting poem should be a fun and spooky warning to party-goers, should they be brave enough to enter!

Phantom Warning

Who are you that has come this way?
What makes you think you’re welcome here?
You must be lost and gone astray.
But let me make just one thing clear.

Beyond this point your fate is set,
For more than humans you will see.
And more than spirits will be met,
When you believe there is no fee.

So let this warning see you through,
When you do pass beyond this veil.
Be mindful what you say and do,
For fear alone will turn you pale.

You think you’ve got a courage strong,
And will survive this darkest night,
But you may well be very wrong,
When you run screaming full of fright.