Poems for the Three Days Of the Writing of The Book of the Law

Three Days Of the Writing of The Book of the Law


The night, so bright with her light of the universe
The All, does enthrall at nightfall, worlds so diverse
Starlight Queen, on silvered screen, we fondly embrace
Each night through, we do view your ever-lasting grace
All that you are, with each star, we see life enhanced
Goddess sublime, every time, we remain entranced


The midpoint, does not disappoint, within the ring
Axle of the wheel, in its zeal, the sun-high King
Serpent of fire, with desire, flame in man
Secret serpent and seed, to breed because he can
In every heart, a start no matter how small
Lord of the sky, goldeneye, winged disk in all


Born of two, aeon new, a crowned conquering child
God of strength and force, glory’s course warrior styled
To commence with vengeance, the old ways to shatter
And employ with joy joining spirit with matter
The slaying of old that took hold, with kick of hoof
Horus thus does express with success as the proof