Winter Birds

The winter weather is now here
but many birds we still can hear.
The cardinal all bright and red
will whistle with a lively thread.
The robin with its whistled drawl,
will make its sweet cheerily call.
The sparrow fat from seeds on ground,
will make a chirping raspy sound.
While dark-eyed juncos trill their way,
despite a cold and dreary day.
The yellow goldfinch warbles on,
and twitters at the rising dawn.
The oriole with flute-like tones
remains within the coldest zones.
The grackle squeaks and croaks along,
with high-pitched tee-hee ringing strong.
And don’t forget the gray catbird
that makes a mew for its password.
As well the harsh caw of blue jay,
who wears a tufted blue beret.
There’s too, the titmouse with its toots,
as it digs deep among the roots.
The blackbird with its shiny back
will make its call of chak-chak-chak.
And last the owl with its dress suit
will pierce the night with its loud hoot.
No matter what the sounds they make,
they’re glad to call to each snowflake.
Their chirps and cheeps, their clucks and clicks,
are winter birds up to their tricks.
They’ll tweet and twitter, trill and talk,
and also shriek like soaring hawk.
These winter birds are hearty stuff
with all their down and feathered fluff
Their calls distinctive that they make,
each one so special when they wake.
Each song is joyful in its sound,
as each bird claims its nesting crown.