At the Mountains of Madness

Shoggoth by Nottsuo

What does one bring to an H.P. Lovecraft themed holiday party? Well if you’re anything like Lita, you go all out and channel the Elder Things to create something both horrific and delicious!

The party was meant to be a celebration of Lovecraft’s book, At the Mountains of Madness. For those that don’t know the story, it’s about a group of men who go to the Antarctic to take bore samples of ancient rock. However, after several scary adventures, including the discovery of a mountain with alien beings, giant penguins, and creatures called shoggoths, all these creatures along with many other things of horror cause the men to end up going insane.

To creatively translate this terrible tale into tasty food, two aspects from the story where highlighted; the penguins and the mountain itself.

The Penguin Play Party:

These cute little guys are made from extra large black olives that are split and filled with cream cheese. A thick slice of carrot is cut with a small divot taken out. The larger piece becomes their feet and the divot is poked into the opening of a small black olive to form the beak. Then a toothpick is run through the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet. The tray has a layer of sour cream that covers the top of a butter lid and there is an inverted square piece of glass to look like an iceberg.

The Mountain of Madness:

The mountain was formed with several odd shaped cakes of chocolate and covered with layers of milk and dark chocolate, topped with coconut for snow. Small flags point to the three types of creatures: giant penguins, aliens (which were children’s monster candles), and a shoggoth made of dark modeling chocolate with a dozen red cherries for eyes. Creepy but oh so delicious!

Shoggoth illustration by Nottsuo