Lively Run Dairy

On a late morning while in the Finger Lake District, we decided to visit one of the local dairies, the Lively Run Dairy. It was offering cheese tastings, and cheese would be the perfect appetizer to an afternoon lunch. Now, cows can be fairly mundane and boring to observe, but goats are true characters and fun to watch. I hope you will forgive me for having a little fun with this review.

The Lively Run Dairy

Across one side of the long serving platter were six goat cheeses, soft, blue, a cheddar, and others. Across the other side of the tray were six cow cheeses. The tray came with some crackers, but one could also add dried fruit or chocolate.

The shop offered a fridge with cheese to purchase and a shelf with other local gourmet items. We enjoyed the tasting, but wanted to visit the goats in a side barn.

“Hey, did you bring me some food for that chin tuck?”

“Do you want a left profile or a right?”

“ I like my left side best.”

There are about 200 different breeds of goat, and not all the pens had nametags, so it was hard to know what we were looking at, but my best guess was that there were Anglo-Nubian, Saanen, Boer, Lamancha, Alpine, and Toggenburg goats, although there was at least one Angora and you will see that one ahead.

“I’m not fat – I’m pregnant – don’t bother me!”

“Actually, can someone get the gate? I want some company.”