The Shaker Mill Inn

The Shaker Mill Inn

On a recent trip to Massachusetts and a drive through the beautiful Berkshires, my husband and I decided to stay in West Stockbridge at the Shaker Mill Inn. What made this an excellent choice was that it had self-check in and out, and was a completely self-sufficient accommodation with a well-equipped kitchenette. We were in the Rockwell Suite, as Norman Rockwell was a well-loved painter in the area and a museum of his works is nearby. To access the suite, one entered a door downstairs, which conveniently had a boot scrubber for muddy walks. Once inside, a stairway led up to this second-story room. The door was unlocked with the keys on the coffee table. We stepped on to a landing and walked a few steps downstairs to a one-level suite. A bonus, which is seldom found, were two luggage rack stands.

The suite was full of light as there was a sliding glass door on one side of the bedroom that led out to a private balcony, a skylight over the bed, another one in the kitchen and a large picture window that faced the backyard. An accent wall of antique barn paneling was in the kitchen, along with a round kitchen table with three chairs, a comfy couch and chair in the combined living room, with an additional upholstered chair in the bedroom, a wooden dresser with a large mirror over it, and ample lamps for reading and setting a mood. There was a fireplace for a romantic setting, but it did not put out heat, nor was it necessary, as the central heating was all that was needed. But a basket of firewood was next to it, just for effect. The bathroom was painted a creamy pumpkin orange with white tiled floor, and had a good shower head with a strong flow. It was the first place we have ever stayed at that had a clothes hamper, which ultimately was a place to put used towels.

Additionally, in the small refrigerator was a wrapped piece of quiche with fruit for both of us, chilled half-and-half creamer cups, two yogurts, and small pitchers of milk and orange juice. On the counter was a microwave and a toaster, a coffee maker with ground coffee, an assortment of teas and cocoa packets, cereals, and mugs with packets for making microwave cinnamon rolls. One just had to add water and heat. On the kitchen table were salt and pepper shakers, napkins and a basket with an assortment of pastries, one of which was a bagel. This pleased my husband who ate it with a provided packet of peanut butter. As well, on the dresser was a complimentary bottle of California Merlot with wine glasses, and a jar full of candy. We were totally set.

The bed was very comfortable and we even enjoyed the balcony for sitting out and enjoying the changing leaves. We highly recommend the Shaker Mill Inn, run by John and Patti Campbell, to anyone coming through the area. It offered the most comfortable stay of all the places we had booked on our trip. We hope to be back.

One nice thing about being there was that the town is so small, that one can walk to many local interests. There is a café, restaurant, bookstore, sculpture garden and gift shops. Here is a picture of the local mill sluice, that our hotel was named after.