The Magick of Feasting for Magicians


Now that we have discussed the elements, let’s talk about the planets, the moon and sun, and the foods that they rule. Remember, I am only going to be speaking about the classical spheres of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon. And, I will only be able to give a few examples, as most of them rule over a long list of foods.

First up is Saturn. Saturn rules over two signs and their elements, earth in Capricorn and air in Aquarius. Cheeses that are eaten aged and have a dry or sharp flavor, like Gorgonzola and sharp cheddar, are earth of Saturn. Rutabagas that grow in the ground are also earth of Saturn. Saturn rules goat, sheep and deer, so they are foods of the earth. Those foods that are white, light and expansive, offer properties known to Aquarius. Examples of this are the pacay fruit from Peru, also known as the ice cream plant. It has a large pod with large Saturn-black seeds, but is surrounded by a soft edible fiber that is sweet with a hint of vanilla. There’s the slippery elm pod with its Saturn like shape and dark seed in the middle. The tree’s inner bark is harvested for a healing tea. A third is the linden tree with its thousands of frilly white blossoms, also used for making a delicious tea, and bees make an excellent honey from these white blossoms.

Jupiter is next and it also rules two signs: fire of Jupiter in Sagittarius, and water of Jupiter in Pisces. Examples of the former are the Crimson Maple tree, as maple syrup is fire of water of Jupiter, along with purple bilberries, both in Pisces. Macadamia nuts and eggplant are earth of fire of Jupiter, and figs and radicchio are water of fire of Jupiter.

Mars as well rules two signs, fire in Aries and water in Scorpio. Foods that are hot and spicy are of Aries, and foods that are spiky, clawed or thorny are of Scorpio. The agave plant, from which we get agave syrup and tequila; lobster with its large claws, and the fruit of the prickly pear, are all examples of water of Mars in Scorpio. Examples of fire of Mars in Aries are the onion, mustard greens, and the coco pod, from where we get chocolate. When those foods are juiced or turn into liquid beverages, they become water of fire of Mars in Aries.

Foods of the sun or of Sol are fire in Leo. These foods are bright, having more of an outward growth like those foods which stretch to the sky with bright yellow flowers; also most citrus fruits, which produce bright globes of juiciness; plants that produce seeds with a high amount of oil; and those foods that need full sun to grow. Corn is water of fire of the Sun. Sunflower seeds, are fire of the Sun due to their high oil content. The olive is air of fire of the Sun. Most squashes are fire of the Sun, and most citrus are water of the fire of the Sun. Iguanas spend most of their time lying in the sun, they offer a hearty meatiness with a flavor similar to chicken, and they are earth of fire of the sun.

Venus rules an extensive list of foods as it is another planet that rules two signs, air under Libra and earth under Taurus. Avocados, apricots, apples, blackberries, tomatoes, and a long list of fruits are water of air of Venus. Sugar cane is water of Libra in Venus and when dried into granulated sugar is air of Venus. Thyme is air of earth of Venus, and kola nuts, wheat, and beef, are earth of Venus.

Mercury also rules two signs, air of Mercury in Gemini and earth of Mercury in Virgo. There is a long list of foods for both but here are some. Quinoa, mint, and green beans are air of Mercury, along with most legumes. Almonds and pistachios are earth of air of Mercury, and cloudberries and celery are water of air of Mercury. Yams are earth of Mercury, and baking powder, baking soda and cream of tarter are air of earth of Mercury. Additionally, all fowl are earth of air of Mercury, most easily identified because they are identical on both sides of their bodies, a predominant trait in recognizing Gemini animals and plants.

The last celestial body is the Moon or Luna, which is water in Cancer. Foods of this nature can be fresh dairy foods like ice cream; soft, white and un-aged like Brie cheese; and foods grown in water like lotus, water chestnuts, taro, and water lily. Also, foods that hold a lot of water like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers and lettuce. Fruits that are white and round like cherimoya, coconut, and lychee, and legumes like soybeans and lentils. All are water of the Moon. Some foods appear one way, but belong to another planet. The South American fruit called the jaboticaba looks like it belongs to Saturn because of its large, black spiracle shape, but it belongs to the Moon because of its roundness and clear to white juicy insides.