The Magick of Feasting for Magicians


Within the Thelemic description of the Man of Earth Degrees, Crowley assigned the workings of the chakras. His use of the seven chakras was meant to emphasize the different energetic vortex that each chakra possesses. As the degrees progress a combination of chakras may be introduced.

Initiation gives outward recognition for the steps that we have chosen to go forward with a magical life. It is a process by which we commit ourselves to taking another step toward change. As we advance, we recognize that there are forces in nature about us that can be worked with, so we form a commitment to ourselves to work in cooperation with the world’s natural elements and dynamics with change for the benefit of our selves and those around us. Just as we are able to recognize the many elements in nature outside of us, we begin to gain a sense of feeling them work inside us. Anyone who has experienced an initiation may have felt this. There is also a special bond that forms with our brothers and sisters afterward. What better way to celebrate these magical steps than to share a feast and raise a glass to the advancement of our selves beyond the mundane world?

When it came to configuring menus for the initiations, the best way was to formulate them based on the influences of these seven basic Hindu chakras. The energetic influences upon and from the chakras cannot be underestimated. Chakras are directly stimulated to work upon a candidate when stimulated during an initiation. When each of those energies is awakened within the candidate, the initiate learns to recognize that energy and to reactivate them when needed.

If following the initiation the new initiate has the opportunity to take those chakra-stimulating foods into them self, then more of that specific energetic influence can be added to support the experience of the initiation. The color of food has direct influence upon the chakras. For example, when foods assigned to the root chakra of the Muladhara are eaten, like root vegetables or protein-enriched foods of beans, meats and nuts, the body becomes grounded and sustained. Activating the chakras are an effective way of stimulating the physical and psychic body, so adding foods dedicated to those chakras will only add to the power of an initiation.

The world of food is amazingly diverse in its color, smell, texture, taste and energetic properties appealing to all of our senses. Perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to work with food is through color. A corresponding colorful arrangement of food taken in after a corresponding ritual working, not only has the prospective two-fold beneficial effect upon our minds with its deeper symbolic arrangements and with our bodies satisfied with the food’s nourishment, it also has a potential synergistic affect. The experience will anchor a positive emotional impression, the food will ground and enhance our bodies, and an expanded knowledge of how we can live and eat magically will be achieved, gaining a balance within and without. In the very nature of their motion and energy, color does work upon us and through us.

There are already many books devoted to the work of the chakras, so within the confines of this one presentation only rudimentary references will be given. Our next endeavor would be to go through the chakras and list foods for each one with their specific coloration, but since I have already explained to you a diverse array of foods, and I think the colors of foods needed for each chakra should be pretty obvious, I’m only going to give a brief overview.

They are, beginning at the base chakra the red Muladhara. Red foods of all kinds should be offered here. Rising up the body, the next chakra is the Svadhisthana or Sacral chakra. This center is the orange sphere and all foods should be of this color. Next is the Manipura or solar plexus chakra, the source of will power and self-confidence. It is yellow and all yellow foods should be served for this chakra. Rising again is the Anahata chakra of the heart. Its energy center is green and the source of self-love and love for others, and green foods benefit this chakra. Next is the throat chakra, the Vishuddha, the source of creativity and truth. It is blue and as illusive as truth can be, are the more unusual foods of blue to support this chakra. Next is the Ajna chakra, source of spiritual awakening and wisdom at the third eye. It is purple and all foods with this coloration support it. The last chakra is the crown chakra, the source and connection with the divine. It is the Sahasrara chakra, which is primarily white, and all white foods should be served. That is all I am going to say about chakras due to our time limitation, but you can read about the foods for the chakras in my cookbook.