Sticks and Balls Book Just Published!

Lita’s latest book has just been published! Sticks and Balls: A Sexologist Pokes Fun at Sports is an informative and entertaining reference guide that explores the relationship between sports and sex… which prove to be curious and fascinating bedfellows! Read more

New 5 Star Review for ‘From the Mundane…’

From The Mundane To The Magical

A 5 star review for ‘From the Mundane to the Magical’: “Bask in the rich poetry of this remarkable woman. This poet creates a beautiful journey of love, life and self realization which is a joy to experience. Read aloud the words drip from your lips like refined honey and show you strength and beauty within the heart…” Read more

Feasts for Three Days

The ‘Feasts for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law’ created by Lita-Luise Chappell in The Thelemic Cookbook employ elemental principles for those wishing to incorporate magical correspondences into their ritual meals. The book features specialized menus for each of the Three Days.
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The Magick Of Feasting For Magicians

The Magick Of Feasting For Magicians is a presentation about food and its magical correspondences. It is also about how those magical correspondences can be of great benefit to every magician. I’m going to share with you how this can be done, and then you will be able to take that information and make it work for you. Read more