Hiding In Paradise Review: A Surprise Treat

Hiding In Paradise

“Surprise Treat”
Review by Denise M.

When my friend (and editor of the book) suggested I read Hiding in Paradise, I was at first skeptical because I read mostly young adult supernatural books with lots of vampires and werewolves. What a nice break and a fun, easy read.

First off, I love a leading lady. I’ve read enough books with Prince Charmings in them so it’s always a joy to see a lady leading the way. After just a short lesson she was able to use just her brain to survive.

The backstory was quick, concise and yet full of descriptive scenes. I followed along closely with her on the last visit with her “lover” wherein he taught her how to “be a spy”. This is the kind of foreshadowing I enjoy. It was fun to read how she used what she learned and added upon it three-fold to avoid the mafia! Mafia? Yikes!

A great cat and mouse chase then ensues. What fun to see how much power these mafia members have and yet were still one step behind the entire chase. As the reader, I enjoyed the near-misses and was constantly turning the page with encouragement for her to “get going!”

She ends up in paradise after her journey and with help from the locals she comes to terms with what has happened to her family, what she has done and what she still needs to do. The ending scene was dramatic and descriptive and was the perfect end to the exciting story. I recommend you give this book a try.

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