New: 5-Stars for The Blythewood Curse

There’s a new 5-Star review on Amazon of The Blythewood Curse!

“Set among the historical and fascinating 1890s England’s North York Moors, The Blythewood Curse takes the reader on a magical and mythical journey through old churches, ancient religions, mystical woods and forests, and a small town with big secrets. The writer describes the area with such attention to detail that one can actually see the escarpments, the flickering lights in the woods, the small quiet town, and the windy pits (which I knew of but never seen). I especially enjoyed the historical and pagan religion aspects that were interwoven in the story. There is something for everyone in this story- a 10-year-old secret, a father’s mysterious death and the strange epitaph on his grave marker, a handsome headmaster, veiled jealousy, unrequited love, passion, and characters that are memorable and truly interesting.”

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