New Release! Isis’ Secret Treasure

Isis’ Secret Treasure

Isis’ Secret Treasure

Professor Sheridan Chase wasn’t always a professor of African Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. He was forced to retire from his profession as an Egyptian archaeologist when he hurt his back in an automobile accident. What no one knows, is that behind the distinguished role of professor, long ago he discovered a love for the ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis.

After purchasing a set of ancient Egyptian canopic jars from an import shop in Berkeley, his cat knocks over one of the jars which loosens a small papyrus that had been placed inside the jar’s lid. Once translated, the papyrus reveals both a warning and an ancient clue to a possible treasure. Professor Chase finds out that the jars came from a small island in the middle of Lake Nasser in southern Egypt, called Qasr Ibrim. What intrigues him is that the clue also hints that there is a temple to Isis on the island, but no temple to Isis has yet been found. Which means it must be still there, waiting to be discovered.

Since Professor Chase no longer has the physical endurance to instigate an official dig, he enlists one of his top students, Benjamin, to search the island and report back with any leads that he might find. But three days after Ben has been exploring the island, he disappears. Stunned and worried, now the professor has no option but to go himself. But Ben’s best friends Audrey and Nathan convince Professor Chase that they are going too, so the three of them set off to find Ben and the hidden temple. But their problems do not end there, as they search deep under centuries of ruinous tunnels, surrounded by water.

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats:
Published 2023 by Templar Media | 276 pages | ISBN-13: 979-8-9869848-3-4

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