Secret Caverns

Levels seen where water had come, flowed and gone.

After thousands of years, when mineral laden water dripped from the ceiling strands of golden calcite formed stalactites. When they built up from the ground they rose to become stalagmites. And when they drain over rocks they are called flowstone. Calcite forms at an incredibly slow rate of one cubic inch every one hundred years. Mat also showed us some fossils embedded into the walls: honeycomb coral; some crinoids, which were sea lilies and feather stars; and fossilized lamp shells, called brachiopods.

The vastness of some of the spaces deserve to be seen as a larger picture.

The tour culminated when we reached the 100 ft underground waterfall.

We loved the tour of the Cavern, bought a refrigerator magnet and went on our way. Highly recommended. They also have some great hand-painted signs and old billboard photographs on their website that are a trip. This last sign, said it all.