The Town with the Feather Crest

Coming Soon!

Another of Lita’s coming releases, The Town with the Feather Crest, is a long format illustrated poem for children ages 5 – 12. Along with Lita’s enchanting poem are images by talented Los Angeles illustrator Francisco Enciso. Look for it to be released on the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in early spring 2022.

Description: A young man in his travels comes to a beautiful castle. But all is not what it seems. At the castle gate he meets the guard who tells him about the spell that is over the town. The guard senses that the lad has a good heart, and convinces him that he is the one to defeat the dragon who is stealing townspeople away. So the lad sets off knowing where to go, but is not entirely sure how to accomplish the task. It involves the feather of truth, which can change everything, but it is the lad’s ingenious delivery system that wins the day. The book teaches empathy for the greater good, courage to go forth in the world, and ingenuity to fulfill a difficult task.

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