June Events in New England

Don’t miss our weekend of events in New England at the end of June, when we will be visiting Knights Templar Oasis (Salem, Massachusetts) and Abrahadabra Oasis (Portland, Maine). Full line-up below, visit my Facebook events page for all the details. We are excited to visit with our east coast Brothers and Sisters!

  • KTO and AO welcome Lita-Luise and Vere Chappell – Fri, June 28, 8pm at Knights Templar Oasis
  • Knights Templar Legacy with Lita-Luise and Vere Chappell – Sat, June 29, 11am at Knights Templar Oasis
  • Potluck lunch with the Chappell’s – Sat, June 29, 1pm at Knights Templar Oasis
  • History of Ordo Templi Orientis class by Vere Chappell – Sat, June 29, 3pm at Knights Templar Oasis
  • Gnostic Mass with special guest, Vere Chappell – Sun, June 30, 2pm at Abrahadabra Oasis
  • Ida Craddock: Sexual Outlaw & Erotic Mystic, class by Vere Chappell – Sun, June 30, 3pm at Abrahadabra Oasis
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