June Events in New England

Don’t miss our weekend of events in New England at the end of June, when we will be visiting Knights Templar Oasis (Salem, Massachusetts) and Abrahadabra Oasis (Portland, Maine). Click through for the full schedule… Read more

Potluck Lunch with the Chappell’s

June 29 – Salem, Massachusetts: Join the members of Knights Templar Oasis and Abrahadabra Oasis for a potluck lunch with our special guests, Lita-Luise and Vere Chappell, between a double header of presentations. Read more

Knights Templar Legacy with Lita & Vere

June 29 – Salem, Massachusetts: The romantic legend of the warrior monks has persisted to the present day, and has inspired many – including the founders of Ordo Templi Orientis. This presentation will be richly illustrated with photographs of Templar sites from Lita and Vere’s travels. Read more

Discourses 2019

May 18th & 19th – Garden Grove, CA: Golden Lotus Lodge is pleased to announce once again an annual series of presentations. Lita will be presenting “The Faces of Babalon and the Beast”, showing interpretations of these two iconic archetypes. Read more

A Saturday with Lita and Vere Chappell

May 11 – Cleveland, Ohio: Join Black Sun Lodge as they welcome us for a weekend of classes, presenting: “The Magical Personality & The Black And White Mirror” and “Thelemic Feasting For Magicians” by Lita and “Ida Craddock: Sexual Outlaw & Erotic Mystic” and “True Will: What It Is, How To Discover It, and What To Do With It” by Vere.
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