Recipes for Nuit


To complete this menu, there are juices, teas, milks and types of alcohol that are appropriate offerings to Nuit. All of the fruit juices are of water. The fruits, which are on this list, are long and most of them one has probably never heard of. Fruits such as abiu, amabarella, bacupari, charchuelo, decaisnea, jabuticaba, platonia and salak are just some. However here are some fruit juices that are better known: cantaloupe, cherimoya, coconut, custard apple, cranberry, currant, gooseberry, grape, guanabana, melon, lychee, noni, papaya, rambutan, and sapote.

There are also some vegetable juices, like aloe vera, cucumber, tomatillo, and watercress. All are of water.
Teas that are watery for Nuit are jasmine, kava-kava, kombucha, lemon balm, lotus and wintergreen.

There are also some milk products that are white and good for Nuit, like kefir, buttermilk, and milk of camel, cow, goat, sheep, and yak, among others. Also drinks made from algae, like spirulina and chlorella. There was not room to add the milk or algae products to the main menu, but they are listed here. All are of water.

Hard distillates are generally not of Nuit because of the added alcohol, which adds a fiery aspect. However, Nuit is rather emphatic when she says, “Drink to me!” To satisfy that plea, these will be added: Beer, which is air of water of fire of earth; white and red wines are fire of water; and Champagne is air of fire of water. There are a few blue liqueurs, though artificially produced with blue food coloring: Blue Curacao, several Blue Raspberry liqueurs, Hpnotiq, and blue absinthe. Blue Curacao is flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus, with a very strong orange flavor, but the alcohol is of the right color. The others claim the color is fruit juice, but they are not specific. This is a celebration after all, and Nuit does love sweet wines and wines that foam, so raise a glass of choice and toast to the Lady of the Stars, “To Nuit!”

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