Release Day! An illustrated book for kids…

Lita’s first children’s book, The Town with the Feather Crest, has just been released on Amazon Kindle! This illustrated adventure in poetic rhyme tells the story of Drew, a young man who comes across a fantastic castle. The book teaches empathy for the greater good, courage to go forth in the world, and ingenuity to fulfill a difficult task. Read more

5-Stars The Sylvan Woods of Lake Nemi

“What follows is Elena’s fascinating and sometimes harrowing journey in which we along with her learn of the forgotten traditions and folklore of bygone Rome, along with the rituals performed within its sacred sanctuaries – not just as mere observers, but as actual participants. ” Read more

New: 5-Star Review for Sticks and Balls

“…a rare delight for sports enthusiasts and linguistics lovers alike. Encyclopedic in scope and style, this book is about the duality of words in sports that also have a sexual meaning. Those who are curious about oddities and quirks of the English language will find this study fascinating, whether or not they have any interest in sports.” Read more

The Town with the Feather Crest

Coming February, 2022! The Town with the Feather Crest is a long format illustrated poem for children ages 5 – 12. Along with Lita’s enchanting poem are images by talented Los Angeles illustrator Francisco Enciso. It involves the feather of truth, which can change everything, but it is a young boy’s ingenious delivery system that wins the day. Read more

NOW OUT! The Sylvan Woods of Lake Nemi

Elena has only her fieldwork left to complete her degree in anthropology. Her topic: how the ancient cult of Diana and its practices influenced the social structure and culture of the Roman people. She discovers a secret tunnel under the Nemi cliffs and a way back in time. She is also trying to figure out who is stealing temple antiquities. She doesn’t know who she can trust, but ends up learning a lot more about human behavior and an ancient culture than she ever expected… Read more

Phantom Warning – a Halloween poem

My friend is having a party and putting together a display for Halloween. It will be a dummy holding its head and reciting a threat to their attending guests. He asked me to write something up to be recorded, which the head will appear to speak. This resulting poem should be a fun and spooky warning to party-goers, should they be brave enough to enter! Read more

The Sylvan Woods of Lake Nemi

Coming soon! Lita has been prolific with writing four new books during the pandemic. The first new novel, The Sylvan Woods of Lake Nemi, will be released in early October 2021. From the back cover: Elena Morandi must complete needed field work in order to finish her dissertation in anthropology. Her topic: how the ancient cult of Diana and its practices influenced the social structure of the Roman people… Read more

New: 5-Stars for The Blythewood Curse

There’s a new 5-Star review on Amazon of The Blythewood Curse! “Set among the historical and fascinating 1890s England’s North York Moors, The Blythewood Curse takes the reader on a magical and mythical journey through old churches, ancient religions, mystical woods and forests, and a small town with big secrets. “ Read more