New Book Review for Sticks and Balls

“Excellent book!” – Review by K.L. – I very much enjoyed reading this book. It is written in an engaging, informative style that is neither too titillating nor too clinical in its content. The author has used her extensive clinical expertise to write a book that can appeal to anyone who is interested in finding the links between sexuality and sports. Read more

Sticks and Balls Book Just Published!

Lita’s latest book has just been published! Sticks and Balls: A Sexologist Pokes Fun at Sports is an informative and entertaining reference guide that explores the relationship between sports and sex… which prove to be curious and fascinating bedfellows! Read more

New 5 Star Review for ‘From the Mundane…’

From The Mundane To The Magical

A 5 star review for ‘From the Mundane to the Magical’: “Bask in the rich poetry of this remarkable woman. This poet creates a beautiful journey of love, life and self realization which is a joy to experience. Read aloud the words drip from your lips like refined honey and show you strength and beauty within the heart…” Read more